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Our History

Finding opportunity to create significant change

waterStrider arose collectively through the shared vision and mission of Dr. Rob Stephenson, Peter Jack of Muddy River Technologies and by Brian Stuckert of Envirogreen Technologies. The three individuals wanted to utilize their experience and success in water treatment to solve the complexity and demand to treat water in the oil and gas industry. From water supply to disposal the opportunity to create significant change in the industry was apparent. With the skills and knowledge in-hand the group knew that the ability to treat produced water at a low cost while reducing reliance on fresh water sources was attainable and they were committed to making it possible. The team committed their time and resources to treating produced water, and after months of trial and error the first successful samples were achieved and waterStrider was created.

Our Goal

The goal of waterStrider

  • Treat produced and flowback water from fracking so treated water could be reused without adding to producers’ chemical costs.
  • To do this as simply and inexpensively as possible to save producers money,
  • Offer an in-field water treatment solution
  • Treat water quickly to keep up with water requirements while keeping the equipment small enough to be transportable

Our Team


Executive & Board

Todd Holmstrom

Former President of Lockerbie & Hole, VP of Stuart Olson and VP of Flint Energy. 30+ years in leadership roles in oil and gas, mining, construction, and experience in developing business strategy and leading execution of $1 billion+ EPC projects worldwide.

Dr. Rob Stephenson
CTO and Director

waterStrider Treatment Inc., Muddy River Technologies, others.  30+ years experience, PhD Chemical Engineering, develops patented and patent-pending physical, chemical and electrochemical technologies including waterStrider to treat water, wastewater, soil, and sludge.

Brian Stuckert

Milestone Environmental, Envirogreen, Nucor Environmental, Quantum Environmental. 30+ years of experience, MASc Civil Engineering, leadership roles building successful environmental service companies.

Andriyko Herchak, CPA, CA

20+ years in executive and financial leadership roles with publicly traded companies (TSX, TSX-V, CSE), including raising capital, public listings, company operations, mergers, acquisitions, selling companies and directorships. Has helped in raising over $150 million of capital and in selling companies for proceeds totaling over $700 million.

Strategic Advisors

Jim Paterson
Strategic Advisor and Founder

A principal of Discovery Group ( ) has been actively involved in marketing, corporate development, and executive and board level leadership for public companies since 1997. Jim’s experience includes leading capital raises (equity and debt), acquisitions, joint-ventures, spin-outs, RTOs, and IPOs. Jim is a serial entrepreneur and active investor in companies operating in sectors including mineral exploration, water treatment, and consumer packaging in North America, South America and Europe

Robert J. Scott, CPA, CA, CFA
Strategic Advisor

20+ years of professional experience in the areas of corporate finance, accounting and merchant and commercial banking. Has spent the last 15 years as a senior officer and director of a number of TSX Venture listed issuers. In that time has helped raise in excess of $200 million in equity and has gained extensive experience in IPOs, RTOs, corporate restructuring and mergers and acquisitions, as well as cost effective management of operations.

Sales Team

Jonathan Heer
VP Business Development

15+ years experience selling complex highly engineered products to the Oil & Gas and industrial sector with a proven track record of leading and building successful sales teams.

Darren Maley
Technical Sales

16+ years in stimulation chemistry in the oil service industry, covering operations and research and development. Previously working with BJ Services, Trican Well Service, and STEP Energy Services. Working in Canada and internationally.

Jill Viccars
Technical Sales

15+ years in energy with a focus on implementing innovative technologies to solve issues pertaining to environmental management, planning and sustainability including sourcing, managing and reporting water usage and developing surface water management programs and strategy.

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