Making a positive impact on the environment

(and your bottom line)

Our Purpose

waterStrider recycles oil and gas wastewater using proven technology, resulting in reduced operating cost and a positive impact on the environment.

Our Value

What we can
help deliver

Reusing waterStrider treated water from Oil & Gas production:

  • Save costs to supply/transport fresh water & transport/dispose produced water
  • Conserve fresh water and reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Lower chemical requirements, protect production wells capacity vs fouling
  • Eliminate reliance on disposal wells for injection of produced water
  • Support local employment to build and operate waterStrider water treatment hubs

Our Solution

waterStrider is positioned to become the leading service provider to the North American Oil & Gas businesses by employing proven best-in-class patented and patent-pending water treatment technologies to generate water quality that is suitable for reuse at low cost.

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